Viper Vapor | Mystery Uncovered: Vape Juice Ingredients
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Mystery Uncovered: Vape Juice Ingredients

What’s one of the first things a friend will ask you when you ask them if they would like to hit your vape? If you answered, “what’s in it?” you’re right on the money. It’s a fair question. To newbies, it can seem confusing, alien even – weird liquid that turns into vapor inside of a space-blaster looking tube? If you’ve ever wondered to yourself about the precise nature of e-liquids, or just wanted some more information so you could better explain it to those who ask, then this quick guide is for you. We’re going to take a look at the common components of ejuice, and how they can differ from liquid to liquid in a few popular brands.

E-Liquid Basics

Let’s get right into it. What exactly is in this stuff? It’s a blend of components that when mixed in different ratios will create different effects while being vaped. Two of the most essential and recognizable base ingredients are Vegetable Glycerin and/or Propylene Glycol.

Vegetable Glycerin – Heavier, sweeter, and ideal for creating large amounts of vapor. By synthesizing ingredients from soy, coconut oil, and palm oil, vegetable glycerin gains increased viscosity, which is the primary reason for the thick and powerful hits that it can produce. Vegetable Glycerin can, unfortunately, build up in your device and could clog your heating coils more easily. The upside, however, is that Vegetable Glycerin produces a “smoother” feeling, which is perfect for users that like to drip their juice onto traditional coils and cotton.

Propylene Glycol – This ingredient is thinner and less viscous when compared to Vegetable Glycerin, but serves the same essential purpose as a base that dilutes the other concentrated ingredients contained in the e-Juice. It doesn’t alter the flavoring to the degree that Vegetable Glycerin can, which can be either a strength or a drawback depending on your perspective. Propylene Glycol will give you a stronger throat hit, and produce less vapor, which is ideal for users who want a more “cigarette-like” experience. There is a higher (though still minor) rate of allergic reactions from those who use Propylene Glycol heavy liquids, but it can be offset by creating mixtures that make use of VG and PG.

Vape juice doesn’t have to be 100% VG or PG. One can find mixtures of varying proportions, dependent upon their personal preferences. No matter what you choose, your vape juice is going to contain more than just PG or VG. There are two other components that are vital to the composition.

Diluted Nicotine – OK, so diluted nicotine doesn’t have to be in the mixture, but it adds subtle flavor to the liquid and can be used in different strengths. If you didn’t know, nicotine also has stimulating effect on the brain, which is why you sometimes feel a boost after using a vape. Be careful not to go overboard in your selection if you aren’t used to high nicotine ratios. They can be harsh on the throat when used by an inexperienced vaper, and may result in a less-than-pleasant experience!

Flavoring – This is what gives the E Liquid a majority of its taste. It is possible, though not common, to have liquids that contain no flavoring. A large amount of the fun of vaping comes from experimenting with different flavors to find what you like.

Where To Get Started

Now that you understand the rudiments of what goes in vape juice, you’ll need to experiment with a few varieties to experience the differences for yourself. We’ve got a few recommendations that blend together the basics to impressive effect.

Venom Vape Juice

Venom offers a variety of premium E-Liquids from fruity and sweet to subtle vanilla and cinnamon flavors.  Venom vape juice comes as a 80/20 VG/PG blend, and can be obtained in 3 nicotine levels: 0mg up to 12mg. The taste is authentic. When used with a suitable device, vapor production is noticeable, and the clouds are rich and flavorful (this is thanks to the VG/PG ratio, which allows for faithful flavor reproduction and increased vape formation).

3AM e-Liquid

All 3AM e juice comes in an 90/10 blend.  Best known for their reminiscent cereal flavors such as Leprechaun (Lucky Charms) and Fruit Loops, 3AM vape juice will not disappoint. Vapor production is thick and smooth enough for deep inhalation. 3AM e-liquids are available in 0mg up to 12mg nicotine levels.

Felony Vape Juice

The vaping experience with Felony vape juice is unparalleled. Authentic flavors that come in a 90/10 VG/PG mixture, nicotine levels from 0mg up to 12mg, and prison themed names like Prison Bitch and Serial Killer, this e liquid will not disappoint. It is smooth, relaxed, and yet still powerful thanks to the precise combination of ingredients. If you’re looking for something fun and delightful to the senses, this is an excellent jumping off point.

Time To Expand Your Variety

At this point you should be chomping at the bit to see what’s out there. Try experimenting with different levels of diluted nicotine and varying VG/PG ratios. Remember to keep in mind that…

Flavoring varieties are expansive, and the authenticity of the flavor you select will be dependent on the other ingredients within the E-Liquid and the VG/PG ratio.

The PG/VG ratio will also affect how large and dense the clouds you can make will be, along with the types of hits you’ll be able to achieve with your vape.

Pay attention to your nicotine levels! Most lower levels are fine for beginner vapers, but higher levels can be harsh if you aren’t accustomed to them yet.

And with that, you’re ready to start sampling. Find what works best for you and remember to take notes for when it comes time to start mixing custom blends in the future.


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