Viper Vapor | Fruit Flavor E-Liquids: Flavor Combinations That Make An Impact
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Fruit Flavor E-Liquids: Flavor Combinations That Make An Impact

What’s one of the primary reasons that you decided to start vaping? If you’re like many, you were intrigued by the different flavor varieties you saw others trying out, and wanted to get in on the action yourself. If you haven’t heard already, the fruit flavored vape juices have been taking over in a big way, and have proven themselves an ever popular choice for individuals that are fond of sweet, refreshing tastes. If you’re interested in learning more about these succulent mixtures, you’re in luck. We’re going to go over what makes the fruit juice taste so attractive, and offer our own recommendations on where you can get started if you want to start enjoying these fruity blends.

What Makes Fruit Flavor E-liquid So Great?

They’re popular for a reason. There are a lot of people that enjoy fruit flavoring: in candy, sugary drinks, in the fruits themselves! It’s no wonder that fruit flavored E-Liquids carry a similar appeal. But what is it that makes us crave fruit flavors like that? There are plenty of reasons, but here are a few prominent ones.

  • Fruits evolved to taste good – It might seem counterintuitive at first. Why would something evolve in a way that makes us want to eat them. A look at the science behind it though reveals the answer. Their smells and tastes are such that they make us want to consume them, because in doing so we help propagate the seeds and let the plants from which they grow arise in new locations. When a human (or animal) eats fruits we tend to spill the seeds in the spot that we eat or we ingest the seeds but do not digest the seeds, meaning that they are deposited (along with nourishing fertilizer) when we excrete waste. Ingenious! It also helps to explain why we’ve developed a sweet tooth that is sated by eating fruit.
  • Fruit flavors are relaxing – What season do you associate most fruit with? Springtime. It’s a time when the weather is warm, but not too hot. Trees and plants are in bloom, and you desire nothing more than to sit in the shade and shed your travails, perhaps even with vape in hand. Winter flavors are heavy, and sometimes coarse. Spring flavors, our cherished fruits, are light, sweet, and coax us into a state of serenity. Obvious then why many choose them when they want to kick back and chill.
  • Fruit flavors make great all day E-Liquids – Because of that lightness and sweet taste, the fruit category make for some of the best vapes if you enjoy an all-day, anytime vape. Be it morning, noon, or night, these e juices are a always refreshing and always calm your mood. Just like a glass of fruit punch on a hot day, the flavor of fruit is there to quench your thirst and satisfy that slight sugar craving no matter what.

Where To Begin When Starting Out With Fruit Flavor e-Juice

An excellent question. Opinions are sure to be varied, but we’re going to give you our picks. These run the range of different fruits, but all are sure to offer the smooth hits and relaxing aroma that sweet-tooth vapers are into.

All of these fruity flavors have consistent flavor from inhale to exhale and can be customized with your preferred level of nicotine added.

Time To Choose

Now that you know why fruit flavors taste so great and where you can jump on, why not select a fruity E-Liquid that will rejuvenate you when it’s time slow down and enjoy life? There are plenty of fruit blends that will excite any discerning palate. We’ve got what you’re looking for, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some extra info. Happy vaping!

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