Viper Vapor | Packing A Punch: E-Liquids That Hit Like Cigarettes
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Packing A Punch: E-Liquids That Hit Like Cigarettes

If you’re an ex-smoker trying to emulate the feel of traditional cigarettes or an experienced cloudchaser looking to mix it up, the effect you’re looking for is going to be the fabled “throat hit”. We’ve talked before about how using PG heavy E-Liquids will generally be better suited for producing throat hits, but you might still have a few questions. Namely about the throat hit itself and what brands sell PG intense liquids that will offer you the amount of throat hit that you’re looking for.

The Throat Hit

You may have heard it described before as a tickle in the throat that closely mimics smoking a regular cigarette. Those who are switching over from cigarettes know it well, and when you feel it, you’ll know it. What factors play into creating the throat hit? It’s a combination of features of both the E-Liquid and your vaporizer setup.

Propylene Glycol Levels

Chances are you were already aware that PG levels related to the strength of throat hits, with higher Propylene Glycol concentrations corresponding to more powerful hits, and vice versa. PG liquids are thinner, burn easier, and as such intensify the vigor of throat hits and better mirror the “cigarette-like” experience. You should take care not to rush straight to the 100% PG option unless you’re experienced though, as a maxed out throat hit can be harsh and displeasing for many first timers.

Nicotine Levels

Nicotine content in your E-Liquid is also going to make a big difference. At low levels, 0mg-9mg, you’ll be receiving a smooth hit that is noticeable but not intense. First timers will be able to vape at this level for extended periods with little if any discomfort. Stepping up into the 9mg-12mg range, and you’ll begin to feel that tickle in your throat magnify, but it still shouldn’t be overwhelming (especially if you are an experienced smoker). Once you cross over into the big leagues: 16mg, 18mg, 24mg, do so gradually. This is heavy smoker territory, and if you’re unaccustomed to these heightened nicotine concentrations it can hit you as if you were sucking on exhaust fumes.

E-Liquid Flavor

This too will alter how well your vape hits will mimic the cigarette feel you’re looking for. There are tobacco and mint flavored liquids that do a great job of approximating the cigarette taste. The sweet, fruity, and dessert flavors don’t fit the bill as well, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for? You can combine a fruity flavor with a high PG and nicotine level to tweak your throat hit in peculiar ways.

Your Vaporizer

How you care for your vape setup and the way you take a drag will also play a part in your throat hit. If you haven’t been maintaining your kit well, you’ll find it harder to get the desired effect. Unlike a cigarette, where you would take a quick, powerful puff to achieve your hit, your vape will require a long slow draw to get it done. Your vaporizer’s strength will play a big role. Weaker devices produce weaker hits. You’ll need to warm up your E-Liquid with some significant power, so you may need to invest in a higher wattage device.

Which E-Liquid Will Give You What You Want?

That depends on what you’re looking for! We’ve got a few recommendations that cater to both the beginner who wants to take it easy with the throat hits, and the heavy hitters that are looking to go all in.

Black Honey Tobacco

If you’re transitioning from cigarettes and want to enjoy a flavor that’s not too far removed from what you’re used to at the moment, you’ll likely do well with something like Black Honey Tobacco. This e-liquid has a nice 70VG/30PG split, which means it will be fairly smooth and you can vape it at higher wattages, and you can get it with a fairly high nicotine level (12mg) that will provide that extra bit of kick you’re looking for. That sweet taste of honey complements the tobacco flavor well, so this is a great choice for kicking back and relaxing.

Fireball Whiskey

If there’s one thing that goes great with a good throat hit, it’s the subtle burn from some quality whiskey. Fireball Whiskey vape juice brings the best of both worlds into one package, combining the classic taste of smooth spirits with a 12mg nicotine kick that will surely get your attention. If you need to lighten it up a bit, however, you’ll also be able to find this variety in 6mg, 3mg, 1.5mg, and 0mg if you so choose.


For a more refreshing hit, you can’t go wrong with Peppermint vape juice. Like the aforementioned Black Honey Tobacco, this e-juice has a smooth 70VG/30PG blend that makes vaping it smooth and easy at high power. At the same time, the cool, minty flavor goes hand-in-hand with higher nicotine levels and provides a little burst of freshness with each and every draw. It’s perfect if you want a cool kick with a pleasant aroma while you going about your day-to-day.

Time To Start Choosing

The options might be vast, but now that you know what to look for when trying to mimic the cigarette-style vaping experience, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices with ease.

Remember that your PG levels, nicotine levels, E-Liquid flavor, and your vaporizer will all play a part in how well you can achieve a throat hit. In most cases, the higher the numbers, the more intense the hit.

Take good care of your devices to optimize your experience every time. A poorly maintained vape is embarrassing, and won’t produce the results you’re looking for.

Now to peruse the vapor selection to find what’s right for you.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful in educating you on the options, and you’re encouraged to experiment with the different combinations available to you.

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