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Viper Vapor is a provides a wide selection of e-liquids, vape juice flavors, and vaping supplies. Located in the Pacific Northwest, with stores in Aberdeen, Vancouver, Kelso, and Longview, WA. Our high quality products are available online for domestic and international shipping.
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We take pride in our customer’s loyalty and satisfaction. That is why every flavor we make is with you in mind. We don’t just want to make a quick sale. We want to build a family of e-liquid lovers that appreciate quality and amazing taste.

At Viper Vapor we only sell quality products. We use U.S. made ingredients, in a clean, and sanitary environment. We are based in the Pacific Northwest and also vape shops in Longview, Kelso, Vancouver, and Aberdeen, WA.



Quality Manufacturing

Eliquid Manufacturing

At our 3500 square foot manufacturing facility, Quality & Consistency are our main priority. Every bottle we produce consists of only the highest quality US ingredients sourced from reputable companies.

Using our state of the art e-liquid filling machines we are able to produce over 200,000 bottles a month. This allows our warehouse to pull your order and send it out typically by the next business day.

Creating a variety of delicious vape flavors is an integral part of our success. That is why we have taken the time to develop and test each of our more than 200 flavors to ensure quality and desirability. From fruit and desserts to tobacco and menthol we have something for everyone’s flavor profile.

Our Mission

Viper Vapor Goal

Our goal has always been to help people live a clean & healthy smoke-free life!
Here at Viper Vapor we have all lost loved ones due to smoking. This is why we have made it our personal mission to help as many people as possible quit smoking.

We know transitioning from cigarettes to vaping is a hard and sometimes confusing process but, we will be there for you through your journey. Whether it is a discount for turning in your last pack at one of our four vape shop locations or connecting with us on Facebook.

You can always count on a supportive Viper Vapor staff member for support.

Vapor Community


At @ViperVaporJuice, we are creating a community of Amazing vapers. Whether you are new to vaping and have a question or you are a seasoned pro bragging about your new vape mod everyone is welcome.

Plus by being a part of the Viper Vapor community you will be the first to be notified about our huge E-liquid Giveaways and Vape Deals.